FROSCH utilizes an industry leading quality control software. Not a minute goes by when our quality control software is not working to capture a lower fare or clear a waitlisted seat that is just dropping into inventory. The software investigates connecting flights, alternative flight times, different airlines, and nearby airports. The fully automated, policy compliant, lowfare tracking system monitors an itinerary at the time of booking and eight additional times per day throughout its life cycle until the point of departure. The system ensures the lowest applicable fare is found and maintained on each reservation processed.



All online booking tools implemented by FROSCH are completely customized in-house. FROSCH has an in-house IT and Automation team who are responsible for the customization, implementation, maintenance, and updates of all online booking tools, reporting software, and travel portal. FROSCH’s teams will meet onsite with your Travel Team to outline all requirements with the selected GDS and online booking tool. We will also consult with you about how you would like everything configured within your tool. Based on this feedback and recommendations FROSCH will build a fully tailored online booking tool. Pre-trip approval needs, travel policies, air, car, hotel contracts and client-specific rates will be loaded into the online booking tool and all related travel systems.



A leading OBT that connects to any point where your employees are spending money (travel supplier, credit card, vendors, etc.). It captures all travel spend and provides an integrated solution for booking and expense management. As a Concur Preferred TMC Partner, FROSCH is the largest and only truly global organization in a small group of carefully selected providers. We can provide a fully integrated platform across all Concur services (including with Concur Expense), global support for all tools, accelerated response time, and an in-house team to manage all aspects of this partnership.

Mobile Exclusivity: FROSCH is the only TMC with a mobile app in the Concur App Center, providing an open booking solution via our TripLink API (additional fees may apply, we can provide more info on request).



As part of our core service offering, FROSCH utilizes our own software, TrackIt, a fail-safe method of ensuring that refunds, either from ticket price or from the tax element, are not lost. This software program automatically tracks electronic tickets for potentially unused coupons without the traveler having to inform us, and reports coupons that may be refunded, or used, on the traveler’s future flights. The tracking is done regardless of the number of itinerary changes and provides up-to-date information on status. Additionally, unused tickets can be displayed in the online booking tool to help drive usage. Travelers can view a list of unused tickets on their reservation screen that can be applied to their current reservation with a click of the mouse. Each month, FROSCH will provide you with an Unused Ticket Report, outlining detailed information on all outstanding credits, which will enable you to track unused tickets and traveler activity.