In order to determine the best opportunities for our clients, we have developed a Travel System Analysis, which provides specific recommendations, drives savings, and improves the overall performance of travel programs.

The analysis will measure key components of your travel program and identify important opportunities to drive savings and elevate travel management to the highest level by employing benchmarking and best practice principles. Through meetings, interviews, surveys, and an analysis of spending data, we compile information on the following:

→ Your overall strategy, priorities, and objectives regarding business travel

→ The effectiveness of your travel policy

→ Your strategic sourcing programs for discounts and special services

→ The quality of reports and how they are used

→ How you manage payment and expense reporting

→ Benchmarking techniques to compare your travel program to companies similar in volume, industry, and region.

Often, the graphical and highly detailed analysis points to a new direction for your travel program. Once a program has been established, FROSCH programs the GDS and mid-office quality control systems and writes scripts to capture the savings and potential savings. Our reporting department then creates reports based on the savings and potential savings metrics. Your Account Manager will be responsible for monitoring, analyzing, and reporting the savings and potential savings back to you, as well as continuously optimizing the travel program to achieve maximum savings and compliance.



Your Account Manager will continuously observe key performance indicators and pro-actively seek improvements, including:

→ Opportunities for discounts (air, hotel, etc.) through negotiations & automated searches

→ Address abuse of your travel policy or the need for policy revisions

→ Identify sudden shifts in employee spend or destinations



At FROSCH Entertainment, we understand how important the extra touches can be. We only hire the best, and we empower our travel consultants to go the extra mile at every client touch point, on every single transaction.

It’s easy to assure clients that we will go above and beyond for them, and we make an active point of demonstrating where we have delivered added value. From waiving no-show charges, to completing online check-ins and other conciergetype services, “Added Value” (over 60 categories) is reported in a specialized document during quarterly account reviews.